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Natalie Diane

Evidential Medium, Intuitive and Mentor


Natalie is an International Evidential Medium & Intuitive. Her passion is bringing forth the true essence and uniqueness of those that have transitioned to the Spirit World through love, humor and humility.  Natalie serves spirit through private readings, public mediumship demonstrations throughout the US and the UK, along with teaching diverse Mediumship workshops throughout the US. She has studied extensively at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, The Journey Within in Pompton Lakes, NJ, and the Montclair Metaphysical Center in Rutherford, NJ.  Natalie is currently working towards becoming an ordained Spiritualist Minister with a certified Spiritualist Tutor and certified Medium.


Judy Nichols

Spiritual Healer & Treasurer of the Board


Judy is much like mother earth and father sky all in one. She is incredibly wise and on the flip side, unbelievably humorous! She has made museum quality pine needle baskets and has been known to offer up a class on how to make baskets in the past. She is a wonderful speaker, poet, psychometrist, and spiritual healer. Judy is an integral part of the COL healing team and serves as the Treasurer of the Board. She is also Circle of Love's librarian.



Debi Sharpe

Spiritual Healer, Student Medium & Secretary of the Board


Debi has always been interested in health, illness and healing of body, mind and spirit. Through Spiritualism, she has come to know more about Meditation, Mediumship and Healing Mediumship. She has completed the Morris Pratt course work for healing. Debi works from the platform during Sunday community services, offering guided healing meditations, inspirational talks, mediumship and healing. She has traveled abroad to secure skills in mental mediumship. She is also a part of the Circle of Love Healing Team.



Lesa Varela

Spiritual Healer, Medium & President of the Board


Lesa works from the platform as a demonstrating medium during Sunday services at the Circle of Love Community. She enjoys giving a good mini talk and has a voice like a songbird. She performs at some popular local events. She has been a life-long medium who has come to understand her gift more through the study of Spiritualism, the mediumship development classes, and training abroad. Lesa now serves as our Board President, and she organizes our craft fairs and caters our events.


Robyn Wolf

Medium, Teacher, Spiritual Healer & Vice President of the Board


Robyn began seeing spirit at two years of age and believed this to be just a normal occurrence. She has been practicing for 15+ years and currently teaches both psychic and mediumship development workshops and gives evidential mediumship readings to clients worldwide. "It is an honor to be able to connect you to the higher side of life. I ask those in the spirit world to communicate evidential facts that will validate the continuity of life. I ask for as much validation as possible, so that it will leave no doubt in your mind that your loved one, or loved ones, have communicated with you. Much love and blessings." Robyn has studied extensively at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and The Journey Within in Pompton Lakes, NJ,

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